Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Trey, Age 6  Richmond, VA

Is there an art easel and a T-Rex in Heaven?

Yes, to both questions.  Since I saw art galleries there, I am certain they would have easels to paint on.  Also, there are representations of all animal life that God originally created.  So, dinosaurs including the T-Rex, can be seen in the park area of Heaven, they are so tame that you can actually ride on them!

2.  Brian, Age 11  Jacksonville, FL

Why isn’t there night in Heaven?

God made the night on earth, so our physical body could be refreshed through sleep. In Heaven, we never need sleep, because our spiritual body doesn’t get tired, so there is nao need for night time. The Glory of God lights Heaven so there is no sun or moon but many times the sky changes with amazing shades of color not on this earth.

3.  Earlene, Age 58  Jacksonville, FL

Will we be able to sing in Heaven?
That is one thing that will bless everyone to know, we will all be able to sing. Even if you couldn’t carry a note when you were on earth, in Heaven, you will sound glorious.  Everyone worships God with their voice in Heaven.

4.  Taylor, Age 10  Jacksonville, FL

Does Heaven ever change the way it looks over the years?

Yes, Heaven is always adding new things for us to do. Also, people are always going to Heaven, so mansions are continually being added. Eventually God will make a new earth and we will live there with God for eternity!

5.  Natalie, Age 35  Florida

I lost my best friend who was also a devoted wife and mother of a 7 year old. She passed away at age 31 leaving a grieving husband, son, and church. Why would God take her so seemingly early?

God does not take people early, He alone has numbered our days. We won’t understand why some things happen until we stand before God, but we must trust Him in every situation. When someone goes to Heaven sooner than  we expected, many times that’s where their destiny will be completed. One thing you must know, God NEVER takes away our ‘gift’, we will use it/them in Heaven to bless everyone!

6.  Emily, Age 14  Jacksonville, FL

Are there oceans with sharks and jelly fish?

Yes, there is a crystal sea which comes from the river of life that flows out of God’s throne. Also, the Bible states that there are fish of all kinds in the water and the crystal sea is big enough to hold huge sailing ships.

7.  Kevin, Age 16  Florida

Is there a theme park?

I am delighted you asked! Yes, there is a fantastic amusement park, which I mention in the book. In that place, there is a huge roller coaster called “The Rush”. There are some normal rides, but there are also supernatural rides that will blow you away.  One of the amusements is to learn to fly like Superman!

8.  Katrina, Age 41  Jacksonville, FL

Will I be around my family? (Kids, grandparents, spouse)
Yes, some really close knit families will live in areas I call “community dwellings” and the best way to describe what I saw was picturing a huge wagon wheel with many spokes and a center cap lying flat but no rim. The spokes would be the individual custom mansions for each family member and the “cap” in the center would represent the big common area to gather in.  They also take turns staying in each other’s mansions. No matter where we live in Heaven, it will be wonderful!

9.   Christie, Age 6  Florida

Do the tooth fairies live in Heaven?
No, but there are beautiful, small, delicate angels who take care of the waterfalls, streams and flowers.

10.  Tyler, Age 17  Florida

Are there different levels of salvation?

No, you are either saved or not saved, but there are different levels of reward for your service to God and your kindness to mankind.

11.  Neil, Age 17  Florida

Can we essentially get “kicked out” of Heaven for screwing up once in Heaven?
You cannot mess up in Heaven, nor will God kick you out, because we will be perfect as Jesus is perfect.  Once you get there, you will never be taken way from God.

12.  Gayle, Age 13  Jacksonville, FL

Do pets go to Heaven?
Yes, pets go to Heaven. I clearly saw several of our family pets in Heaven who are staying with my Father, including a Yorkie named Mr. Fuzz and Sally, an 1,100 pound pig.  I also saw a duck named Max that was lovingly raised by my brother Joey.  God created them as companions for us on earth and because He loves us so much, we get to continue that friendship with our pets forever.  Note: One third of all the 400 surveys asked this same question.

13.  Ashley, Age 10  Jacksonville, FL

Would there be a soccer field in Heaven?
Yes, they have many of the same sports as on earth and more because those are gifts God gave to them.  The difference is sports are all played as a form of worship unto God.  Each team has a place on the scoreboard, but all the points go to Jesus.

14.  David, Age 16  Florida

Will there be a way for us to see those in Hell?
No, that would cause grief and pain, and neither of those exists in Heaven.

15.  Cory, Age 17  Florida

Is there going to be a question for us to answer in order to get into Heaven and if so, what?
The only question I know of is, “Did you accept Jesus as your Savior and repent of your sins?”

16.  Carlos, Age 6  Florida

How much does everything cost?
Nothing, it’s all free!!  Money is not necessary in Heaven because all things are given as gifts.

17.  Trey, Age 10  Jacksonville, FL
Why is Heaven invisible?
We are “physical” beings and we see things with our physical eyes.  However, Heaven exists in the spiritual realm, which is why it is invisible. When you die, your spirit body goes to Heaven and then everything is visible.

18.  Catherine, Age 12  Jacksonville, FL

Are we going to be clothed?
Yes, we have a gown of Salvation and a robe of Righteousness for corporate or united gatherings, but we will also have a wardrobe of many different tunic tops and pants, because there are so many things to do that you cannot do in a gown!.

19.  Will, Age 17  Florida

Why do you want me to come?
God loved you before you were born, because you came from Him. Christ came and died, so you can spend eternity with God. They wait ever day, desiring that you will call out to them. If you were the only person on earth, Jesus would have died just for you, because He loves you that much. God has a purpose for your life now and in Heaven.

20.  Trinity, Age 5  Richmond, VA

Will we have chocolate ice cream in Heaven?

Yes, because God gives us the desires of our hearts and because people have a ‘gift’ to create ice cream and you get to use your gifts in Heaven.  I love chocolate ice cream too; also, because I was shown an ice cream parlor while I was visiting Heaven.  The scoops were HUGE!!!

21.  Shane, Age 13  State unknown 

In Revelation they speak of strange animals. Do they have a special name?
They are not animals, but very intelligent created beings that walk upright like people and they are called Living Creatures. Read Revelations 4 for more information.

22.  Dosano, Age 12  Golden, Co

Do we have amazing abilities (in heaven)?

Yes, because you are now living in a supernatural realm.  You can run faster, jump higher and even fly (without wings) over certain areas of Heaven.  Many things like opening doors, traveling and even talking are done with your thoughts.  You will still use your mouth to speak and sing with but you definitely communicate with your mind if you want to.

23.  Sam, Age 28  Golden, Co

If everything on earth now is a glimpse of heaven and if everything on earth was first an idea that came from heaven, does that mean Adam and Eve learned to drive a car and fly planes once they went to heaven? 

They have certainly adapted to Heaven’s intelligence level and way of living, but you don’t have to just drive a car (you can fly them too) of fly an ordinary plane (you get a star cruiser that uses light as fuel) as they also have space buses, transport kiosks (where you travel from one side of Heaven to another on beams of light.
24.  Kiel, Age 32  Ackerman, Ms

Will there be a place we can sit on the porch and smell the rain (storm) coming? (Since it doesn’t rain)

You would probably like to live near the Valley of the Falls, where it always smells like fresh rain.  This is caused from the mist created by the 50 waterfalls in that valley.  Anyone who goes to Heaven can have a wrap-around-porch to relax on with their friends.  By the way, they do have a place in Heaven just like the rain forest on earth and it does rain there!
25.  Cody, Age 10  state unknown

Is there a temperature in heaven?

You never really notice that, since your ‘spirit being’ is not affected the same way by heat or cold.  There are places in Heaven where you can be in the snow and it does feel cool but in a fun way!

26.  Shane, Age 13  State unknown

In Revelations they speak of strange animals. Do they have a special name? 

They are not animals, but very intelligent created beings that walk upright like people and they are called Living Creatures. Read Revelations 4 for more information.
27.  Glory, Age 8  Genessee, Co

Does heaven have a beauty salon?

Yes, it is very different than the ones on the earth, as they use no chemicals to curl or color your hair.  It is done by light and only takes seconds.
28.  Sergio, Age 75  Canada

What would be the earth age?

I do not know exact age, but I know it is millions of years old, however, mankind is only approximately 6000 years old.
29.  Mrs. Riley, Age 65  Okalona, Ms

Will we be able to wear jewelry in heaven?

When we depart from this world and go to Heaven, we will use our gifts and talents to bless everyone living there.  So that means if someone was a jeweler on this earth, they will always be a jeweler; even in Heaven.  Yes, you get amazing jewelry to wear and it is FREE!
30.  Dakota, Age 15  state unknown

Will heaven still be there after the rapture takes place?

The bible says after we are raptured, we (the Believers who accepted Jesus) will be in Heaven celebrating the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, so it will definitely be there!

31.  Matt, Age 21  Pontotoc, Ms

Will we be able to see my tattoo on my spiritual body in heaven?

No, none of us will keep anything that was put on our physical body; we are spirit beings when we pass from this life and things like that do not remain on the spirit.
32.  Daniel, Age 17  Pontotoc, Ms

Are there people on other planets and other earth’s in the universe?

NO, there are no other life forms in the whole universe except us humans who were born into this earth.  However, when we are living on the new earth, as mentioned in Revelations, we will be able to things we never could do before; such as travel to other planets because God will allow fun and exciting things to be created on them for us to enjoy while visiting.

33.  Lindsay, Age 22  Evergreen, Co

How can someone receive the honor of being picked up by God in His own chariot, when they die?  They have spent their lives loving God and others.   Also, they obeyed when asked by God; they never hesitated, even when it sounded foolish. 

You have answered your own question; it has everything to do with living a life of surrender to God and allowing Him to use you. That is exactly what happened to Oral Roberts when he passed away; he was picked up in the Lord’s own chariot.
34.  Keiarra, Age 9  Jacksonville, Fl

God, do we wear the same clothes in heaven?

NO, you get beautiful gown and a robe like a king or queen wears; and an amazing wardrobe of tunic pants & tops.
35.  Randi, Age 26  Jacksonville, Fl

God, how do you feel about people that commit suicide what happens, where do they go?

Every case is judged separately because every situation is different.  God says they do not put people in hell, if they are only looking for a way to ‘end’ their suffering (not in control of their mind) especially, if they are Christians.
36.  Daina, Age 24  Bowie, MD

Do our names change? If so,when? Is it different for unnamed babies (unborn)? Do they gain a name from God or the name their parents would have chosen?

You keep your first name only and you will always be called that by people.  However, when you get to Heaven the Father gives you a new ‘nickname’ that only he calls you.
Little babies, who arrive in Heaven with no name, are given one by the angels.  Parents can still name their baby living in Heaven, even years later.
37.  Joseph, Age Unknown  Denver, Co

Will we meet strangers that we prayed for their salvation (and they got saved?)

Certainly, God makes sure you get to meet them so they can thank you for sharing the gospel with them.
38.  Jason, Age 20  Toronto, Canada

Where do demons come from?

All the demons are the fallen angels that were kicked out of Heaven with Lucifer (who later became Satan). They have become so defiled that they no longer have their original state of beauty.  Some of them are bound in chains as they did things not permitted by God and are being held for judgement!
39.  Ta’shaun, Age 8  Jacksonville, Fl

Does God eat the food we eat?

I do not know if God does, but Jesus definitely eats the food in Heaven.

40.  Marty, Age 69  Evergreen, Co

Why are we alone in a mansion and not with other family members?

You are never alone, because everyone visits all the time or you are visiting them.  Also, all your family members will live very close to your mansion.  You have your own ‘special’ place made with all the things you love and everyone is different from one another and God wanted all to be happy.  Trust me; NO ONE will ever be lonely in Heaven!