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About Kat Kerr

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Welcome to KatKerr.com!

I am so blessed and honored to bring you God’s home, His life and His presence to change you forever. It is a spiritual place designed by Heaven. It does not replace our other website, revealingheaven.com which is hosted by One Quest Int’l. and is still the place to go and purchase from our ‘Store’, view my events calendar and contact us to book an event in your city. If you have never visited revealingheaven.com before, I (and my team) would certainly encourage you to do so because the products contain Heavenly treasure received while I was caught up to Heaven. However, this site, The Revelation Zone, has been created to bring you continual revelation on Heaven, the spirit realm, how to operate in it and tips for Victorious living. As Holy Spirit stated to me, “It is a platform for US to say whatever We feel is needful to Stop fear, Clear up confusion, Share Our plans with the Body of Christ and Release impartations without the interference of the enemy, the World or others who are stuck in the traditions of man. It is to remain unattached to the World system; a separated place to experience an Encounter with the Living God!”

New content will be added as I receive new revelations from the Father, which will help you go from glory to glory. There will never be a fee required to enjoy this website, but because many have asked, there is a place to give an offering to help me take these revelations to the world. We are His children, made in His image, and even though our earth is a very small speck of dust in the universe, what He desires more than anything exists on this planet – it’s us! His Love to all, KAT


“Ages have come and gone and now on His timeline He will make Himself known; So He has appointed a director of His Revelation Zone. Mysteries and secrets He would reveal, to show through His word what was actually real. He gave us His son and keys to the Kingdom, but now opens His house to see what exists within.

• Beyond your mind and imagination, it will fill you with awe and fascination. • Take the journey and check it out, it will make you praise Him and joyfully shout! • Create a habitation for Heaven in your home, run our race and make the Glory known. • The further you go as you turn each page; you will soon discover we are in The Kingdom Age! • A time God planned for us to Manifest, open our eyes and ears; make plans to Rule and not run in fear.

Heaven welcomes you to the Revelation Zone.