Contact Kat Kerr

Kindly note: All communication should be made via email or to the PO box address below. Communication should only be for the purpose of requesting additional content for the website or questions about Heaven.

Kat Kerr, P. O. Box 551513, Jacksonville, FL 32255, United States of America

ALSO: Kat cannot answer individual emails, however if there are enough similar questions they will be answered in the “Frequently Asked Questions” Page



Kindly note that Kat does not send friend request, private messages on Facebook messenger or emails. She will never request money to be sent to an orphanage. She does not give personal words/prophecies, because God only has her give corporate words/prophecies to the whole body of Christ. If you are ever contacted on social media, by someone claiming to be Kat Kerr or part of her team, please call One Quest Headquarters at (904) 423-0397 and let our receptionist know, so we can make others aware. Thank you for helping us crack down on the fake sites by reporting them. Blessings, The One Quest Social Media Team

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