The Guardian Zone Monthly Membership

Become a member of the Guardian Zone by giving ANY amount monthly.

“Step into the supernatural plans of God and become a member of the Guardian Zone, a way to support Kat in all that she does.  By giving on a regular basis you are “guarding” the treasure God has placed in her.  Member information for the Guardian Zone will be entered into a special database so that a relationship can be formed between Kat, her team and the Guardians.  You will receive quarterly Revelation Reports from Kat along with specifically designed tokens of our appreciation and an annual collectible gift. We look forward to communicating with all of the Guardians.  Share in the joy of knowing you are helping to reveal and create Heaven on earth.  Prepare to never be normal again as we work together to live Heaven culture in the NOW time of God!”

…and don’t be surprised if you get a random phone call from Kat just to say “hello”!

Due every month

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