Welcome to the Revelation Zone

Welcome to “The Revelation Zone”


This is a ‘spiritual’ place created to allow the Body of Christ (True Christians), to receive revelation and impartations from the Father.  He will have liberty to say whatever He wants and whenever He wants to His children.  This is a place designed for those who are hungry and desperate to RECEIVE the ‘more’ they have been asking for and NOT a place for the critical, judgmental others who wish to debate, trash, curse or wrongfully accuse me as His Revelator (One who reveals).  Because of the time we are living in (NOT the Perilous times) it is imperative to know and apply God’s plan in your life so that you may MANIFEST for Him and our Lord Jesus to the world during this Kingdom Age.


Within this site you will find (because of the Blood of Christ) Life, Freedom from ALL darkness, Hope, Truth, Power, Love and the Demonstration to use the Revelations given.  It is a place to SHIFT to God’s Timeline so you are living in the NOW of God.


You may have previously visited our other website (hosted by One Quest Intl.):  RevealingHeaven.com to purchase items and media that reveal Heaven to earth through the many revelations or to check out my events schedule and we want you to know that website will remain for those purposes. You will see that we have included a link to that site on several different pages.  It is undergoing major updates which will allow us to offer more revelatory messages not yet released and eventually, many other products not yet on this earth.  One Quest has a commission from the Father too, to Create Heaven on Earth and it will change what is now being offered through the marketplace and as it’s President, I will make sure that happens.  Please check it out on a continual basis as there are many amazing, exciting and even fun products that will be added to the store.


Please explore all the pages on this site as they hold treasure from Heaven and tips for living on earth as they do in Heaven. One thing we have purposely included is The Treasury, where you will be able to bless me with a Love Offering as many have been asking to do so. You will notice that even the ‘titles’ of the pages are not what is normally used because this site is not natural, it is Supernatural and filled with Heaven Culture.


Kat Kerr    April 2, 2014